• Profile Percentage. read more
    The profile percentage is determined by how filled in your profile is. Once you have filled in your profile to a high percentage, you will appear in searches and will be able to search and view other profiles. In order to increase your percentage you can; -Answer all the questions in the "Basic" information sections. -Have a minimum of 30 words in each section of your profile. -Upload of photo of yourself. (Maximum photos - 8) -Upload a video of yourself. -Verify your identity by sending a photo of yourself showing your ID.
  • Verifying your Identity. read more
    In order to verify your identity, please follow these instructions; -Log in to GoMarry.com -On the main dashboard, click "Trusted Member/Verify Identity." -Upload your photo. Photos must contain a clear image of you and your ID together.
  • Identity Verification Rejected read more
    If your identity verification was rejected, it could be due to one of these reasons; -The picture was not clearly showing you or your ID. -Your ID/Photo does not match your profile description. -The photo did not upload. Feel free to try again.
  • Contact Details read more
    Contact details are not allowed to be posted onto your profile. When you have established a connection with another user, you can give them your contact details to continue the conversation elsewhere. If we find contact details anywhere on your profile, we remove them, apply a written warning on your profile and apply a strike to your account.
  • Notification of Broken Terms and Conditions read more
    If a strike is applied to your account, you will receive a notification stating that you have broken our terms and conditions. By using our site, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions. This is stated when you sign up, each time you log in and if you purchase a subscription.
  • Strikes read more
    Each profile can have a maximum of 3 strikes on their account. Upon the third strike the account is automatically closed and cannot be reopened. We cannot remove a strike from your account. We apply strikes for; -Posting contact details onto your profile. -Uploading an inappropriate photo or video. -Receiving multiple reports by other users. -Violent or aggressive behaviour. If your account is closed due to reaching the maximum amount of strikes, you will receive an email stating this.
  • Compatibility. read more
    We use survey answers to determine who you are most compatible with on our website. If you are not seeing any compatibility percentages on profiles, please complete the Marriage Survey. Once you have completed the marriage survey, your answers will help match you up with someone who answered similarly.
  • Marriage Survey read more
    The Marriage Survey is a large multiple choice questionnaire. You can choose how important it is that your match feels the same in regards to each question. The Marriage Survey asks a wide spectrum of questions, from medical health, to ideas about the division of labour in a household.